Terms & Conditions

Flight Booking: Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the concerned airline, including but not limited to cancellation and refund procedures, apply to airline tickets purchased through the Website.

TRAVELTOR just serves as a conduit for the User to purchase a plane ticket. The User and the concerned airline always enter into a service contract for the use of the flight.

Airlines retain the right to change or cancel flight timings, routes, or itineraries without prior notice to TRAVELTOR. As a facilitator, TRAVELTOR has no influence or power over the airlines' logistics, and as a result, TRAVELTOR is not liable for any loss, direct or indirect, that a User may suffer as a result of a flight change or cancellation.

Different airline tickets may have varied restrictions, as well as different amenities and prices.

The baggage allowance on a specific fare is determined by the airline, and TRAVELTOR has no influence over this. Some of the fares displayed in the booking flow are "hand baggage fares," which do not include free check-in baggage and require the User to pay for check-in baggage separately. The cost of adding check-in baggage to a reservation varies according on the airline. For specific charges, the User should contact the airlines.

Code Share:

Some airlines collaborate with other airlines to create "code share" arrangements. This indicates that the airline carrier selling or marketing the flight ticket does not fly its own aircraft to the destination on some itineraries. Instead, it hires or collaborates with another airline to fly to that location. In the booking flow, the partner airline is indicated as "run by."

If your flight is a code share, you'll know about it during the booking process and before you pay.TRAVELTOR will only inform the User about such code-share agreements if the ticketing airline first informs TRAVELTOR about them.

Ticket Price:

Base rate, applicable government taxes, and a convenience fee are normally included in the total price listed on the Website on the payment page. Prior to the confirmation of their booking, users must pay the complete price (s). TRAVELTOR retains the right to cancel the booking if the User does not pay the full amount. The user undertakes to pay all applicable statutory taxes, surcharges, and fees on the date of travel.

To qualify for infant prices, the kid must be under the age of 24 months for the duration of the trip. This applies to both forward and return trips. On the return journey, if the infant is 24 months or older, User will be needed to make a separate booking using a kid fee. According to airline policy, any infants or minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Documents Required For Travel

The User is solely responsible for ensuring that they have proper travel papers, such as identification, passports, visas (including transit visas), and so on, in order to complete the journey. TRAVELTOR will not be held liable in any manner if the user is unable to travel due to a lack of appropriate travel documents.

The user acknowledges that any information provided by TRAVELTOR regarding travel documentation is purely advisory in nature and should not be taken as conclusive. The User is responsible for verifying the travel requirements with the airlines of the jurisdictions through which the User may transit or choose to visit.

Terms Of Check-In

The user should inquire directly with the airlines about check-in times. For domestic flights, check-in usually begins two hours before departure and three hours before departure for international flights.

Valid identification proofs, passports, and age proofs, where required, shall be carried by the user to confirm the identity, nationality, and age of passengers travelling on a ticket, including newborns.

Flight Segments

If the User does not proceed on his or her further journey, the airline will automatically cancel the full PNR for that booking. In this case, TRAVELTOR has no control over the process and is not bound to provide the User with alternative bookings. In this case, the cancellation penalty will be determined by the applicable airline rules.

Modifications To An Existing Booking

Aside from the service fee charged by TRAVELTOR, any changes made to an existing booking will be subject to various charges imposed by the respective airline.

In the event of any revision or modification to an existing booking, the User is required to pay the necessary charges. Charges for adjustments or revisions to existing bookings may vary depending on the airline's policy and pricing class.

Flight Booking – Refund Policy


Refunds will be processed according to the airline's fare rules and cancellation policy. Such refunds are subject to MMT receiving from the airline. However, the service fee paid to MMT at the time of booking is non-refundable.

To begin the refund process, you must notify MMT of all cancellations made directly by the airline. Refund processing time may vary depending on payment method, bank, etc. Refunds will be made after deducting the MMT service fee, regardless of the service fee above.

Refunds will be credited to the same account where the payment was made. For example, if a user uses a credit card, MMT will issue a chargeback corresponding to the same credit card. If the user uses a debit card, MMT will deposit the funds into the same debit card.

In case of cancellation or refund of a partially used ticket, the prepaid discount and promo code discount charged at the time of booking will be deducted from the refund amount.


Limitations of TRAVELTOR Roles and TRAVELTOR Responsibilities

TRAVELTOR acts as an intermediary and simply provides users with an online platform for selecting and booking specific hotels. Hotels in this context include all categories of accommodation, including hotels, homestays, beds and breakfasts, farmhouses, and other alternative accommodations.

All information about the hotel, including hotel categories, images, room types, facilities and facilities available at the hotel, is the same as the information the hotel provides to TRAVELTOR. This information is for reference only. If there is a discrepancy between the image on the website and the actual settings of the hotel, the user shall discuss it directly with the hotel and resolve it between the user and the hotel. TRAVELTOR is not responsible for this resolution process and is not responsible for such discrepancies.

Hotel information and hotel policy

Hotel booking vouchers issued by TRAVELTOR to users are based solely on inventory status information provided or updated by the hotel. Under no circumstances will TRAVELTOR be liable if the Hotel fails to respond to the User due to booking confirmation, service standards, lack of service, or other service-related issues at the Hotel. TRAVELTOR's liability in the event of refusal of hotel check-in due to overbooking, system or technical failure, room availability, etc. is limited to providing similar alternative accommodation at TRAVELTOR's discretion. (At that time) or refund of the reserved amount (if paid) to the user. Other service-related issues require the user to contact the hotel directly to resolve them.

The hotel reserves only admission and TRAVELTOR says nothing about admission or denial by the hotel. Unmarried or unrelated couples may not be able to check in at some hotels under policy. Similarly, guests disguised as a couple may be denied accommodation if they do not show proper ID at check-in. At some hotels, residents may not be able to check in as guests. TRAVELTOR will not be liable if the hotel refuses to check in for any of the above reasons or any other reason beyond the control of TRAVELTOR. If the hotel refuses to check in in such circumstances, no refund will be given.

User responsibility

You are responsible for any damages caused in any way by the companion's (intentional / negligent) behavior on the property of the hotel. The extent and amount of damage resulting will be determined by the hotel in question. TRAVELTOR does not interfere with the same thing.

The main guest must be at least 18 years old to check in at the hotel.

Users must have a valid ID and proof of address at check-in. The hotel reserves the right to refuse a user's check-in if a valid ID is not presented at check-in.

Check-in times, check-out times, and changes to these times are subject to hotel policies and conditions. Early check-in or late check-out requests are available depending on availability and the hotel may charge an additional fee to provide such services.

The Hotel Charges Additional Fees

The User's payment covers only his or her stay at the hotel. Breakfast and/or meals may be included in some bookings, which will be confirmed at the time of booking. Any additional services used by the User at the hotel, such as laundry, room service, internet, telephone, extra food, drinks, and beverages, must be paid directly to the hotel by the User.

On certain occasions such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, or other festivals, hotels may impose a mandatory meal cost. All additional expenses must be paid in full at the hotel, including necessary meal surcharges. TRAVELTOR will have no say in whether or not the same is waived.

Activities and other services


"Activities" includes day trips, spa and wellness, adventure sports, cruises, theme / entertainment park, buffet, grocery, or other services / products. The activity provider is called "Activity Provider", which is responsible for providing user reserved products / services.

TRAVELTOR role and liability limit

The role of TRAVELTOR is limited to facilitating procurement of activity services from users from the active provider. The relationship between transactions or service performance is always between users, and the activity provider

TRAVELTOR should not provide a pickup device for each activity unless explicitly expressly explicitly mentioned in confirmation of the reservation.

TRAVELTOR is responsible or not responsible. Activity provider control

In the process of availability of activity, the user's health, security, and happiness.

Second-order or fixed service acquired by the user directly from the activity provider.

All incorrect information provided by the activity provider.

TRAVELTOR's maximum liability is limited to refunds of the booking amount received by TRAVELTOR to book the activity.

User Responsibility

You agree to comply with the Activity Provider's Terms of Service in addition to your User Agreement and TRAVELTOR Terms of Service. Users must present a booking / confirmation voucher issued by TRAVELTOR in order to take advantage of the activity. The user must also own a valid document. Identity proof, address proof, passport, or other document provided by the activity provider to use the reserved activity outside India.

Users may be required to sign exemptions / agreements, safety procedures, medical statements, or other documents before engaging in activities when requested by the activity provider.

Users must contact the activity provider directly regarding any concerns after confirming their booking.

Users must ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria for using the activity, including but not limited to age limits, weight limits, medical conditions, etc.

payments for bookings and cancellations

Bookings are subject to the activity provider's cancellation and refund policy. This is subject to change at any time.

TRAVELTOR may collect applicable taxes or service fees, fees, etc.

Coupons And Special Offers

Any coupon issued by TRAVELTOR shall also be subject to the following terms:

TRAVELTOR's liability is restricted to sharing the voucher with the User, subject to the User's payment.

The User is responsible for redeeming the discount, while the Activity Provider is responsible for providing the service.

The coupon's expiration date will be indicated on the coupon, and the User will not be able to use the coupon beyond that date.

The coupon cannot be exchanged for money.

The coupon cannot be refunded or cancelled once it has been purchased.